CIC Riviera, an outpatient & inpatient clinic for all

CIC Riviera is a Swiss private clinic, located on the shore of the lake of Geneva, on the Swiss Riviera. This center provides in-patient and out-patient surgeries, specialized in orthopedics (hip replacement, knee prosthesis, shoulder arthroscopy …) and is also at the forefront in the areas of ophthalmology, general, visceral, vascular, thoracic, plastic, reconstructive, gynecological and neurosurgeries.

It is equipped with a re-education center which includes a multidisciplinary team of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and personal trainers that allows patients to be taken care of until their rehabilitation in their private and professional lives.

The clinic CIC Riviera is a new generation Swiss clinic of acute care, based on two major principles:

  • To guarantee good quality medical care for everyone, regardless of your type of insurance
  • To offer both quality care and an economic efficiency of costs

The clinic CIC Riviera was recognized by the public service canton of Vaud  as a private clinic (architectural  and safety standards), and consequently, has been placed on the list of hospitals in the canton since January 2012.


Medical partnership

With this new medical partnership, the clinic CIC Valais will provide to the players of HC Sion an efficient, fast, and high quality medical assistance...

Hospital Planning 2015 of Valais

On November 5, 2014, the public health department of Valais released the official 2015 hospital list of the hospitals recognized by the state.

The Clinic CIC Valais is proud to be part of it. The clinic is now recognized for its general, orthop...