About "AMIS" technique

The following text below has no scientific vocation. This is basic information given to patients. For any other information, please refer to the many existing websites.

The AMIS technique is a surgical procedure that allows to reach the joint by inserting between the different muscular planes, respecting them, without ever disinhibiting the muscles.

The muscles thus spared can be solicited immediately after the operation, so allow immediate postoperative sequels, much faster than for the same operation practiced in classical technique.

The implanted prosthesis is a classic prosthesis, only the technique of placement differs.  

Main benefits of the AMIS technique:

  • Less blood loss
  • Less post-operative complications because less aggressive tissue
  • Less risk of dislocation
  • Hospital stay shorter
  • Back to a social and professional life much faster
  • Cheaper

The practice of the AMIS technique requires:

  • A specific technical platform (extension table, ancillary equipment ...)
  • A surgeon experienced in the technique: at the beginning of the learning phase of the surgeon, only about 20% of cases will be accessible to the AMIS technique (main exclusion criteria: obese or people too muscular ...)
  • With experience, 100% of cases of 1st intention prosthesis are possible by technical AMIS.