Metacarpal prosthesis

Prosthesis on dislocation of the hand joint

Information that may be of interest to many patients with hand osteoarthritis.

A first in Valais, on November 6, 2015, Dr Doug Rossillon has implanted at the Clinic CIC Valais a prosthesis of the metacarpal trapezoid joint of the thumb (articulation between the wrist and the thumb), on a 56-year-old patient who had suffered since 3 years from complete dislocation of this joint. This dislocation ended up completely destroying the joint, which led to an absence of hand mobilization and severe pain. The purpose of this prosthesis is to allow the patient to regain mobility of the hand and to remove pain. This technique can also be used for all patients with arthritic and painful hands, which is very common beyond 60 years old. It is a currently pioneering surgery that is expected to become classic as the hip prosthesis is nowadays.

The thumb is indeed the essential finger to differentiate the man from the monkey and allowing us the grip ...