Shoulder rotator cuff reconstruction

Superior capsular reconstruction

A first in the canton of Vaud!

A new technique to preserve the native joint

Omalgia is a common cause of consultation with an orthopedic surgeon (1% of adults > 45 years old) especially for rotator cuff lesions. It often happens to be tendinopathies or partial lesions, which do not require surgery. However in case of complete rupture, a reconstruction of the tendons is indicated.

If the tendon is retracted and its muscle shows significant fatty degeneration, reconstruction is no longer possible. In case of functional impotence and persistent pain, despite physiotherapy treatment and infiltration, the implantation of an inverted shoulder prosthesis is discussed.

With a new technique practiced by our orthopedic shoulder specialists, Dr Diederichs and Dr Montesinos, a prosthetic solution can be avoided, allowing the patient to keep his native joint.

The supraspinatus tendon is reconstructed by an arthroscopic technique, then minimally invasive, using a dermagraft. The biomechanics of the shoulder is then restored, with refocusing of the humeral head on the glenoid which avoids an upper subluxation of the latter.

To visualize in 3D the demonstration of this innovative technique, click on the link below