Before the operation - pre-anesthesia consultation

 All patients (except exeptions) will be seen a few days before the operation, by an anesthetist doctor for:

  • a medical examination
  • explanations regarding the type of anesthesia programmed
  • submission of documents related to their intervention

To contact the anesthesia secretariat:

Tel. +41 21 989 22 44 <br


The day of the operation

  • To prevent the patient from the inconvenience of a prolonged wait before the operation, the exact time of entry to the clinic will be communicated by phone, the day before his intervention.
  • After the operation, at the exit of the operating room, security required, the patient will stay in the recovery room for intensive monitoring: the length of stay depends on the type of intervention and the anesthetic technique used.
  • When the patient is well awake and medically stable, he will be transferred to the room.
  • Family members can obtain information by calling the nursing department:
    • Tel + 4121 989 28 22 for patients staying at the clinic
    • Tel +41 21 989 28 18 for outpatients.
  • In case of outpatient surgery, the discharge authorization will be given by the anesthetist doctor, on the basis of a medical examination. The patient will be responsible for organizing his return home.

The days following the operation

  •  Stay in a single room regardless of the insurance coverage
  • Meals proposed as a menu with diets
  • Visiting hours: 9h - 21h, every day

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  • 5 physiotherapists graduated on site
  • Presence 7/7
  • A professional team using the latest techniques: manual therapy, muscle chains, urogynecological rehabilitation, lymphatic drainage, medical gymnastics, back school, relaxation, muscle building, therapeutic massage etc.


Treatment suite

  • If your state of health should require further treatment or convalescence, the clinic CIC Riviera will organise it to your nearest choice, according to availability of the facilities chosen.
  • Upon request, transfer to the convalescence facility can be provided by the CIC bus.


Clinic recognized by the Public Health Service

Insurance - Billing

The Clinique CIC Riviera has been recognized by the Canton of Vaud Public Health Service as a private clinic (architectural and safety standards) and has therefore been listed on the cantonal hospital list since January 2012.

For any information on insurance recognized by the clinic, click on the link below ASSURANCES